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The Irish Whip started over a decade ago on a site known as radio-wrestling.net….Now featured on one of the top Wrestling News Sites in the world, WrestlingNewsSource.com! Intervewiing todays rising stars, yesterdays legends and tomorows heroes of pro wrestling, comedy and metal!



Irish Whip Podcast *EXCLUSIVE*

When we decided to come back we never knew we would have the chance to come back as fast and as quickly as we did.  When we spoke with Amber it was one of the most genuine, honest and candid interviews we have ever been a part of.

This is Amber's story on her professional and personal journey from the Bullet Babe to the Beverly Hills Babe.  There are some very candid and honest statements in this interview and we hope it sheds a light on exactly what is in store for the new heroes of WOW and the massive amount of talent that has assembled.

We talk:

  • Marriage
  • Sable
  • The Hardy's and Shane Helms
  • Training
  • Japan
  • The Beverly Hills Babe
  • WOW
  • David Mclane and so much more!!!

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This week Josh “Yeti” Richards sat down with Josh Matthews, Ross Forman, Jordynn Grace and Ethan Page on the iMPACT Wrestling #PressPassPodcast.  Yeti got in his questions in and listening to the answers and the positivity through the Podcast you can begin to see the amazing shift and year that iMPACT Wrestling has had this year.

We also talk about:

  • NXT – Mitch Taverna – AKA Mike Verna – Sloan Caprice from Chikara.
  • Big Ben’s tweet about the “Foot Stomp”………aka “Curb Stomp”.
  • Womens Empowerment and the effect Tessa Blanchard and Jordynn Grace have had on that issue in 2018.

Our TOP 5 Wrestlers of the YEAR!

  • Tessa Blanchard

    • Jordynn Grace and Tessa setting the Bar for empowment
  • Sami Callihan
    • TMZ, the feels and how Sami turned a bad thing to an AMAZING thing for all! Including OVE and the increase in iMPACT’s success as well in 2018
    • We talk about Yeti’s #LynchMob Tshirt he wants to make with Chris Rucker.
  • Becky Lynch
    • Finally our Irish Lass gets her shot!
    • Her broken face to THE MAN!
  • Cody Rhodes
    • ALL IN, Young Bucks in Chikara for Trios
    • JP calls him “the best promoter in the UNITED STATES!”
    • How we really doubted the success of Cody and All IN.
  • Chris Jerhico
    • Omega, All IN, The Cruise and now he shows up at iMPACT tapings in Toronto!

Plus the kids in Flyin Brian Jr., MJF, Jordynn Grace, Anthony Greene making some HUGE waves!

WCWC in Portland even gets a shout on the show folks as our boy Anthony makes the trips out WEST….maybe a DEFY show soon?

Brian Milonas on Next WEEK as we tease an amazing story about Vince McMahon and his Independent Wrestling Debut!

As always thanks for listening and please subscribe and review us anywhere you are downloading or listening to this podcast!  @3irishboyz

Womens Wrestling, Empowerment, Americanranna 18 revisited – Inter Gender Wrestling

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Episode 225: NXT Takeover "WARGAMES" Predictions

November 19th, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We hope you enjoy this episode of Anthony Suter from the up and coming Smark to Death podcast along with our very own Josh "Yeti" Richards as they took some shots at predicting this months NXT Takeover!


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