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The Irish Whip started over a decade ago on a site known as radio-wrestling.net….Now featured on one of the top Wrestling News Sites in the world, WrestlingNewsSource.com! Intervewiing todays rising stars, yesterdays legends and tomorows heroes of pro wrestling, comedy and metal!


This week we honor Chris Kanyon, an old friend who passed away too soon. 

We talk about him coming on the show, and how he affected the show, we talk about the information he shared with us about being gay and how it affected his career.

We also talked about anxiety, and suicide and how it has affected all of our lives.

At the end I included a clip from New England Fan Fest 7 with Chad Epik stopping by to talk to us about ultra violence, death matches, and hot sauce?

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JP took the cloverleaf studio mobile unit to Clown Shoes Brewery in South Boston, and sat with Gregg Berman the founder of the brewery, and local luchador, the american luchador Phoenix.

We talked about getting into the beer business, and how it tied in to pro wrestling, and how phoenix broke into wrestling and spent his weekends on the road touring the east coast.


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Ep. #666: All @3irishboyz Together.

JP and Yeti and JOE makes his triumphant return.  Needless to say things get way, way, way out of hand.  We acknowledge one of our newest Host Sites in Clown Shoes Brewing and the boys make Yeti's job in editing the show just that much more FUN!

 We talk:

  • AEW / WWE Conspiracy Theories
  • JP Shoots on some Promoters in the New England Area
  • WE check in on he Indies and soon enough it all goes to HELL.

Enjoy Episode 666 Where it all Goes to HELL for sure!



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